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How to rank on google first page with any keyword

Rank on google first page

After posting a post or creating a blog everyone can not rank on google first page. They can not do SEO properly with their blog or post. It is very necessary to rank on google first page for generating a great revenue or become a successful blogger. If you can not bid your opponents then your business will go down. So guys in this post I will teach you, how to rank on google first page. Implement these tips to get a great experience and your post will 100 % rank.
Rank on google first page

Check your theme-Upload a premium theme

Always Google ranks the fast loaded webpage on its first page. So, guys, you need to install a premium theme on your website or blog. If your pages loaded time upper of 2 seconds then your website won`t rank. Your website loading speed should be down of 2 seconds. Do not use so many javascript and CSS files on your website. Do not over customize your website. Keep simple and clean. If you use Wordpress then use the cached clear plugin to clear cached that will reduce your loading time and your website will rank on google first page. If you using Wordpress then use Ocean WP or  Astra Theme. If you need a premium blogger theme then comment down. I will upload this theme.


If you using the blogger platform then shift to Wordpress because there are not any plugin in blogger and the hosting is not very good for out of the United States as my experience. You should use the cloud hosting plan because it has many servers in every place. For that your page load very fast. Your hosting should not bellow 99.99% uptime. Buy a hosting plan from the Reseller club or Godaddy. Better hosting is very necessary for your website.

Keyword Research

Before writing any post you should research the keyword properly. For that, you can use the Ahref tool. To buy Ahref tool at lowest price comment down. You have to observe the keyword difficulty if it is below 20 then you can easily rank on the keyword. Before using the keyword check which websites are using the same keyword and check their page DA PA. Go to those sites and see, what the implement on their post. Also, you should check the volume and CPC of the keyword. Use a low volume keyword between 50k to 500k if you are a newbie.

Article Writing

First, you have to research the keyword properly. Check what the other website implement on their website and their article length. Always the length of the article does not matter to rank on. Your article will rank based on what and how you explained the article. Your article should be unique and well written. Give a great structure of your article and explain all thing. You can use the Yoast SEO plugin for better writing. Implement the outbound links and inbound links. Your focus keyword should be on H1, title, description and on the link. Do not use the focus keyword many times.
Implement an image and alt text on it. Use H1 to H6. You will get all the things on the Yoast SEO plugin. Use a label or category on the post. Then post the article. It is not finished yet.


Backlink takes great importance to rank on google. Now create many do-follow backlinks from the highest da pa site on that post. You can use many forums to create a backlink. Create at backlinks based on the keyword difficulty. You can buy backlinks from me or from another website at the lowest price. Also, you can use the Ahref tool to find opponents backlink or lost backlink. You can ask any site author to give a backlink to your post.

Website age and DA PA

If your page authority and domain authority are very high then your post will rank very easily. Also, ranking any post or website is depends on your domain age. Create many do-follow backlinks to increase your page DA PA.

Google always keep changes their privacy policy without any notice so be updated. If the post is helpful for you then do share and comment.

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