Best Link Shortener To Earn Paytm, Paypal Money-URL Shortener

Are you tired to post a big URL on social media? Now you can easily shorten any link by link shortener and post or send it to your friends or in social media. The good news is that now you can earn a little cash by shortening any link. When someone clicks on your link you will be paid. It works as if you share any link and your friends click on the link. Your friend will go through the destination with some ad for that you will be paid.

What is link shortener?

A link shortener is a method to minimize any big link to shorter. This redirects you to the right place. It makes all links manageable. There are many websites that make your URL tiny. Before it was very difficult to send a big link to friends but after that link shortener makes it easy and simple.

What is the full form of URL?

Uniform Resource Locator

Why you should use link shortener?

Shorts link look better and save your space and it is also user friendly. You can post it on tweeter or any social media nicely. Track your link and see the statistic of your links impression, clicks, etc. Hide any URL when you do not the destiny of the URL.

How to earn money from link shortener website?

Money making is now very easy for us in this Internet era just use your brain in the right way and right place. It is simple and easy to earn cash from these 4 websites. Just you have to copy any URL and shorten on these websites. Now share the link with your friends or in social media. Also, you can share on social media for huge traffic. When someone clicks on your link, you will be paid. You can earn daily about $10.

1 Adfly

The most popular website is Adfly from which you can make a huge profit. Log in to this website with your Gmail account. Fill your details and account details. You can withdraw cash in Paypal and Payoneer. It gives you more than $2 per 1000 clicks. You can earn money by referring your referral link with friends or any group. You can see your link statistics on the homepage. The minimum payout is $5. Link: Adfly


This is a simple website to earn money. Complete 4 tasks and you will get $1. You can earn 20% of what any person you referred to has earned. It gives you $3 or above per 1000 clicks on your link. You can withdraw money in PayPal and Payoneer. The minimum withdrawal in Paypal is $5 and Payoneer is $20. You can manage your link and see statistics. You will be paid 10 days of every month. Also, you can shop for many games, books on this website. Link:

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The highest paying website is This is an Indian website. You can earn money by reefer and shortening link. It gives you $1 for the signup. There are many payouts methods like Paypal, Paytm, Bitcoin, Bank transfer, Bitcoin, etc. The minimum payout is $5 and this is different in different types of payout methods. you can make $10 per 1000 clicks. Link managing is simple and easy. You will get 20% of your referral for a lifetime. Log in to this account and fill your all details then start to earn. If you have any website or blog you can add their ad banner on your site. Link:


Shortzon website is the same as the website. Short any link and start to earn cash. You can manage and hide your link simply. It gives you $8 per 1000 clicks. Read the content...... Link:

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