Dell Vostro 5000 Series – Small Business Laptops

Dell Vostro 5000 Series

About The Laptop

I'm here today with you from Dell to talk about a new Vostro 14 inch and 15 inches 5000 series products. Here we have a 14 inch 5000 series. We also have a 15 inch that gonna be a little bit bigger and have a numeric keypad on the side. But here at Dell, we know that small business professionals wear many hats. You work sales, marketing, finance and you're busy and you need a product that's seamlessly going to integrate into your work life and make doing your work easy. And so we aim to do that with our Vostro product line.

Its features

We know that performance, reliability, and security are very important and again, those are all features that we emphasize with this new product. We have two color options, urban gray and ice gray as well as narrow borders and an aluminum metal cover. We have 10th gen intel processors with 8 GB of Ram and 1 TB HDD. We also have an optional in-video discrete graphics card that you can upgrade to. As far as security, we have a hardware-based TPM2.0 encryption on your device.

We also have an option fingerprints reader feature that you can upgrade to if you choose. We also have SSD crash protection on this device which is new on this Vostro and what that is is that it will detect when a hard reboot of your system is about to take place and it will save your data on the SSD. You can rest assured that you're not gonna lose that work that you've poured so much time into. This has  Dell Mobile Connect integrates your phone with your pc.

This is great because as a small business professional, you wanna quickly respond to calls, to text messages but going back and forth between your pc and your smartphone can be disruptive to your day. So by integrating them both and being able to get those calls, those text notifications on your pc, you can still do your work, not get distracted and respond quickly to your clients when they reach out to you.

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