How to Get and Install a Free SSL Certificate for your Website

Free SSL Certificate

If your domains SSL certificate is expired then you have to buy a new certificate that is very costly. But in this post, you will learn about getting and install a new free SSL certificate. If you use WordPress then it is very easy to encrypt your website by SSL. If you use then it is a little difficult.

What Is SSL?

The full form of SSL is Secure Socket Layer. It is a secure connection protocol that creates a secure connection between the user, web clients, and web server over all the internet. If any site uses SSL then it is clear that the user and web server connection is secure. No one can track the website or user details. And the payment method is secure. Also, SSL helps to rank on google easily.

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Get A Free SSL Certificate For WordPress

First, go to this website Now enter your domain with www and without www. Click on create a free SSL certificate. The website wants to verify that you are the owner of that domain. So there is 3 option to verify you own the domain. The easy option is Automatic FTP Verification. Click on the automatic FTP verification and enter your Cpanel login id as a user and next enter your Cpanel password as the password. Next, click on the button to get the free SSL certificate. After a few seconds, you will get your certificate, key, and CA bundle.

Now log in to your Cpanel account and go to the SSL option. Click on the certificate management. Install a certificate then select your domain name. Now copy the certificate from that website and past it here. After that copy and past your Key And CA Bundle and, then click on the install button. After a few minutes, your website will run on the https server. It will expire after 90 days.

Install Free SSL Certificate In Blogger

We can not install any certificate in the blogger because it is a Google server. There is no Cpanel option. Google provides just 90 days of free SSL. Being this you can use https on your domain after expiring your domain SSL. First, go to this website and create an account Cloudflare. After adding your website on Cloudflare. Turn on always use https option. Now change the DNS from your domain name provider with Cloudflare DNS. It will verify you, wait for a minute. After approval, go to the SSL option and switch it on Flexible.

Your website is now ready to serve SSL. It will also speed up your website. You can be sitting up your website on Cloudflare for more optimization.

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