World's Thinnest Laptop Swift 7 Ultra-Thin | Acer review

I’d like to tell you about Acer’s new Swift 7. This is a great-looking laptop. I really love its refined and chic design. But that’s not all - let’s take a look at some of its features in more detail. This thin, light laptop is perfect for travel. It is – only 9.95 millimeters. That’s about the same as most phones, and just as easy to slide into your bag. Also, you won’t feel any extra weight on your shoulder, because it’s under 1 kilo. That’s really light, not much more than a water bottle. You can carry it in one hand.

Swift 7 Ultra-Thin Laptop | Acer

Design And The Look

However, that doesn’t mean you have to be super careful. The magnesium alloy body keeps the weight down without making it too fragile. What makes this laptop, even more, the durable is the battery life. 10 hours gets you through the whole day without having to stop and charge. I can also leave my charger at home. If you watch a lot of movies when you travel, you’ll love the extra screen space. It has a 14-inch screen in a body not much bigger than most 12-inch laptops. The screen-to-body ratio is as high as 92%. That’s all down to the four-sided narrow bezel design. All the bezels are super narrow – not just the side ones, but the top and bottom ones as well.


OK, let’s do a quick tour of the other stuff. There are some thoughtful design considerations. You can turn on the computer and log in at the same time because the fingerprint reader is integrated with the power button. If you’re concerned about privacy, check out this little cool hidden webcam. Just pop it up then press it down again. Moreover, Swift 7 is super quick. It has an 8th Gen Intel processor, 16 GB of RAM, and more - like I said earlier, you’ve got all you need in this slim laptop. So let’s sum up. Swift 7 is a great-looking laptop that's a pleasure to work on and carry around.

This lovely device also has a few excellent comparable accessories. There are a protective sleeve and a practical 3 in 1 dongle. So what do you think? Leave your comments below, tell us your favorite Swift 7 feature, and share this.

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