Infected People Did Not Get Food In Covid Block

The patients undergoing treatment in Covid block of North Bengal Medical College and Hospital are not getting food. According to the complaint, 10-12 angry people have not received food in the women's ward since Sunday night. Not only that, the quality of food has also been questioned. Most of the time very low quality, cold food is being served. There are even allegations that it is not being done regularly in Safsutra.

Medical Superintendent Dr Sanjay Mallick, however, said that there was a problem with the food of the two rages. Many Sunday nights they were admitted to the Coved Ward. At that time dinner was served. As a result, two angry people did not get food From this day onwards, everything has become normal. In the covid block of North Bengal Medical College and Hospital, treatment is being given to the infected patients. Questions have been raised over the last few days about the mismanagement there. The health workers are also reluctant to take the patients to the concerned medical department from Covid block if they need to undergo various tests. Meanwhile, 13 women have not been given food since Sunday night. Allegedly, after feeding one or two of the angry women, they saw cold food. At that time, they said, this food can be eaten. Change the diet.

No more food at night. They did not even get any food from Saturday morning till evening. As soon as this news became known, there was an uproar in different quarters of Siliguri. Multiple voluntary organizations arrange meals in the evening and take them to the medical center. But at night the food was given by the medical authorities. But the question arises as to why the food did not arrive in about 24 hours. It is even alleged that the authorities are not paying proper attention to the services of the angry people in Covid block. Rupak Desarkar, secretary of the Siliguri Welfare Organization, said the mismanagement at a government hospital was unacceptable.

One, not two, 13 women did not get angry food, it did not even come to the notice of the authorities, it is unfortunate. If such incidents happen again, we will be forced to join the movement.

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