How to Setup A Biofloc Fish Farming Tank With Low Investment

Namaskar farmer friends. Welcome to our blog post. Here we will learn how to build a low-cost Biofloc fish farming tank for fish farming. Now this cultivation has started almost everywhere in Bangladesh and India. Many farmer friends are benefiting a lot from this. This is a very simple task. If you also want to do fish farming through Biofloc then read this post to the end.

Friends, this cultivation was probably first started in Malaysia. But it has now become popular cultivation in Bangladesh and India. This cultivation is being done in almost all the districts of Bangladesh. Fish farming is rampant in Odisha, India. Many farmer friends from Bangladesh also come to India to learn fish farming techniques.

Today we will talk about making tanks. Friends, you can usually make this fish tank in 3 ways. But we will learn how to do it at a lower cost. So friends first you choose a good suitable place to build a fish farming tank. The place must be full of air-light. Make sure there are no trees on top of the tank. And so that the water supply is suitable. So friends you can make your tank round or square if you want. Let’s learn how to make these two tanks. First, we will learn how to make a round fish farming tank.

Build Round Fish Farming Tank

Friends, if you have less space, you can make a round tank. If you make round tanks you will not be able to cultivate more fish. Most of those who are in their home town make these round tanks. Because they have very little space and they can easily build it on the roof of the house. You can make it in 3 ways. One is pucca and the other is with bamboo and another is with iron rods. So friends, let’s take a look at these 3 ways.

Making With Bamboo and Polythene

You can make it on your roof or in the field. It will cost very little. For this, you will need biofloc round polythene, rope, bamboo clamp, bamboo, glue, and pipe.

Measure it with a ribbon to a little large size more than polythene. In a vertical and circular manner. If you want less round then the upper perpendicular should be a little more. Now make some bamboo clamp of that size. Now tie the bamboo clamp with rope in a circular and vertical manner as shown in the picture below.

If you are building on the roof, you have to pull the tank with the rope in all four directions. And if you spell it on the ground, you have to put bamboo poles around it. Now put that biofloc polythene in it. The top of the polythene will have holes for the tie. Tie the polythene and clamp tightly with a rope through that hole.

Now friends you have to put that pipe under the polythene. So that the water can be changed very easily after a few days. For this, friends, cut the polythene in under along with the size of the pipe. Now cut the pipe into two pieces. And attached with glue in polythene like an L socket. Put the lid on the outer end of the pipe. Friends, the pipe should be placed in the polythene in such a way that the water does not leak later. This will cost you around Rs 7,000.

Build With Iron Rod And Polythene

It will cost a little more to make with iron rods and polythene. Here the method of making with bamboo clamp and the iron rod is the same. All you have to do is use iron rods instead of bamboo. You can make it on the roof of the house or on the ground. If you build with an iron rod, it will last longer. And will be very strong. If you make it with an iron rod, you can use the tank for at least 10 years.

Build Pucca Biofloc Fish Farming Tank

If you make a pucca tank, it will cost almost the same, but you can’t make it on the roof. If you make it on the roof of the house, it may leak water through the roof after a while. You don’t have to buy polythene for this and you don’t need a rope. For this, you have to build a round tank with masonry. It will take bricks, sand, and cement to make the tank. And it will take a pipe to get the water out.

First,  make a round tank with masonry and install a pipe to draw water out. Then keep the water in the tank for a week. So that the cement’s gas escapes. Now you can release the fish seeds.

Biofloc Fish farming by making a tank in a square

More space will be required for biofloc fish farming by making this tank in a square. You can cultivate much fish at once and make a profit. It will cost a little more. You can’t do this on the roof of the house. You can also make tanks in 3 ways. But we will say only 2 methods.

Build It With Bamboo Clamps And Polythene

Friends, you don’t have to spend much money on this. Choose a suitable place for this. This type of tank will require bamboo, bamboo clamps, rope, thermocol, pipes, glue, and polythene. Polythene of all sizes is not available in the market. If you buy 24 * 16 meter polythene then you have to make your tank 16 * 12 meter. So place four bamboo poles in four corners measuring 18 * 12 meters. Place 5 more poles along the middle of the 2 poles. Now place a few bamboo clamps vertically and horizontally between the poles. And tied tightly with rope.

Now wrap the sheets of thermocol around the bamboo bata so that the polythene does not leak into anything. Now setup the polythene on it. Set up a 6 meter horizontal. And tie tightly with rope. Now you have to lay the pipes. Cut the bottom of the polythene to fit the pipe. Then glue it well. Your tank is ready for fish farming. It will cost you about 9000 rupees.

Build Biofloc Fish Farmin Tank With Cement, Sands, And Bricks

It will cost a little more to make a pucca tank, but you can cultivate fish for a long time. For this, you need to make a tank in a square with masonry and put a pipe in it. If you build a pucca tank then you can make its length long as your desire and cultivate more fish.

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Oxygen Machine and Water Pump Setup

Bioflake fish farming requires a lot of oxygen and changes the water. For this, you need to install an oxygen machine and a water pump. The oxygen pump must be kept on at all times. The price of these two will be around 6000 Indian rupees. For oxygen, you have to take a few pipes out of the oxygen machine and put in the tanker water in different places. So that fish can able to get the required oxygen in the water.


This post is about setup a biofloc fish farming tank. Here I have shared how to do fish farming at home. This is a new fish farming technology. So friends if want to know more or if you face any problems then comment below. If it is worth to you then share this post with your friends.

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