Preparation Before Leaving Fish In Tank In Biofolc Fish Farming

Today we will talk about what to do before leaving the fish in the tank. Friends, you need to do some important work before leaving the fish in the tank. Otherwise, all the fish may die. If you don’t do these well then fish can get various diseases. Or the fish will grow slowly.Many people make mistakes before leaving the fish in the tank so that they cannot succeed in biofloc fish farming. Some farmer friends do this without any training and fail. Each type of fish has to work differently. If you also want success at Biofloc, do this before you leave the fish in the tank.

Purify The Water Of Tanks

Many people leave the fish seeds after making tanks. As a result, the fish does not grow. And various diseases of fish occur. This is because of impure water. Although the water looks pure, it contains many bacteria that harm the fish. So you have to purify the water first. To purify the water, 100 g of lime should be left in 1000 liters of water for 1 week. If you make a pucca tank, you have to wash the whole tank with a brush. Then purify the water with lime. When the water is pure, the fish will grow fast and the fish will not have any disease. Also, the amount of iron, ammonium, oxygen, harmful liquids in the water should be measured with a machine.

Setup Oxygen Machine Before Leaving Fish In Tank

If fish is farmed in high density then it is very important to give oxygen. If the concentration is low, not all fish need oxygen. But carp fish need oxygen. To do this, buy an oxygen machine from the market. Then put a pipe in it and put it in the tanker. Take out 3 or 4 pipes from a pipe and put them in different places of the tanker. The fish will get good oxygen. Also, keep the water concentration a little higher.Algae, Azolla, maintains the amount of oxygen in the water. So you can use this plankton and grass.

Setup Pump Machine On Tank

The water has to be changed every few days at Biofloc. Because feeding in the same water every day contaminates the water. If you cultivate fish in high density, you always have to give water. And drainage has to be arranged. This means that water will enter from one side and water will come out from the other side. For this you need to install a water pump machine. If you want you can put 2 horse pump. It should be set in such a way that the water is almost everywhere. For this you can put many quota pipes along the middle and along the edge of the tank. If you cultivate fish in low density then you have to change the water regularly.

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Cover It Before Leaving Fish In Tank

The fish tank should also be covered with top and side. Rainwater contains a variety of harmful acids. So if rain water falls on the tank, the fish may be damaged. Also if there are any trees on the tanker then the water may be unclean if the leaves are worn. If fish are farmed in high density, if the sun’s rays fall directly on it, then harmful rays can harm the fish. So it is better to cover the tanker with polythene.
Friends, storks, kingfisher and egret can be seen in the village. They survive by eating fish. The tank should be surrounded by nets so that they cannot eat fish.

Setup Light

In winter, the fish grows less. And it is better to set bulbs to take care of the fish at night. If you set high voltage bulbs, the fish will heat up and keep growing just like in summer. For this you have to put 4 bulbs on the top of the tanker. If you put a bulb, you can feed the fish at night.


In this post I have shared about preparing the fish tank before leaving fish seeds. If you follow these then you will succeed in biofloc. I covered everything which should follow before the cultivation of fish. If its help to you then comment below. If you need any help about this then contact us.

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